Digital Sourcing.
Intelligent Supply Chain.

Digital Sourcing Network

More than 150M+ components being sell through online platform, Stockist indirectly controlling the price and  availability. Our backend team regularly analysing this complex network and identifying selected best source for your requirements.

  • Direct Negotiation with Manufacturer
  • Decision control to select distributor
  • Connection with obsolete part stockiest
  • Authorised buying with COC

Cost Effective Outsourcing

No one can afford all the facility under one roof for Electronic Manufacturing. We provide you best FAB & Assembly house and will also help to manage your mechanical, cables & supporting accessories need

  • Low Complex High Mix Rigid & Flex PCB Support
  • Assembly & Integration Support within Indian EMS
  • EMS support outside India (China, Taiwan & Indonesia)
  • Mechanical Tooling & Part manufacturing SCM.
  • Cables & Wire Harness sourcing support.
  • Accessories, Power supplies, and Battery sourcing support
  • Product Integration & Reliability Testing tool support

Packaging & Logistic Arrangement

To highlight your branding efforts, your packaging & labelling need more superior. Our packaging design partners are focused to design best packaging solution as per international standards.

  • Product & Package Traceability Development
  • Smart Design & Testing of Product Package.
  • Bulk and Pallet Packaging solutions.
  • Logistic Movement of Goods to carrier HUB / Port.
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