Cost Analysis.

BOM Costing

Accurate & effective estimate of manufacturing Bill of Material (BOM) is essential need for deriving product cost and win the bid. Overlook of any parameter leads to big losses along with schedule delay. Our strong Supply Chain Network will ensure to gather right cost for the BOM components.

  • Active Parts & Memories
  • Passives & Add on modules
  • PCB, Mechanical parts & Accessories
  • Critical Stock Part Booking Support
  • BOM Optimisation & Alternate part analysis

Product costing

Most of the Cost analyst focused on BOM cost but product process cost is also equally important and needs explanation to customer on the efforts you are making to manufacture that product from scratch to packaging.

  • PCB Assembly Cost
  • Integration & Testing Cost
  • ICT, Bench or Burn-in Test Set-up Cost
  • Warranty, RMA & Sustenance Support Cost
  • Factory Overheads, Insurances & Finance Cost

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DFM - (Design for Manufacturing)
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DFA - (Design for Assembly)
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